16 December
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How Cocoroco solves traditional recruitment problems

Fondly recalling the days of job vacancies in newspapers? Neither are we. Get online and pick the talent you’re looking for with Cocoroco.
How Cocoroco solves traditional recruitment problems

Traditional recruitment methods for customer support are passé. The internet makes it easy to connect to anyone, anywhere in the world. So, why let geography limit you from finding and nurturing great talent?

The benefits of remote work for companies and employees are vast. For one, it allows people to save more of their paycheck without forking out for daily commutes or cafe lunches. It’s also pretty comfortable working from a familiar environment.

Management fears of remote employees lying on a couch, binge-watching TV, and eating bonbons are unjustified. In practice, some WFH models show an increase in productivity and happiness. In fact, remote recruitment can even increase your company’s HR productivity by up to 50%

So we decided to perfect remote hiring by taking charge of the whole recruitment process. We source, vet, contract, and payroll your hires so you won’t have to worry about a thing. All you have to do is pick your dream team from our qualified database. We’ll handle the rest.

Traditional recruitment is passé

Unless you’re ready to personally interview every applicant, you’ll have to rely on resumes alone. Unfortunately, a CV won’t reveal someone’s interpersonal or communication skills. Nor can it show you how someone thinks, speaks, or writes: all skills that rate high for customer service jobs.

On the other hand, going about interviews via large-scaled group sessions is an admin headache. Furthermore, Gen Z job seekers won’t even apply for a job if they think its recruitment methods are outdated. 

What happens when you need to staff offshore talent? Picture the mayhem of scheduling group sessions for people in different time zones. And how do you vet such a diverse group properly?

Finally, how do you control your rate of turnover? New employees tend to leave roles they shouldn’t have been hired for. So, how will you know you’ve got the right people for the job?

We’re here to help

At Cocoroco we’ve streamlined and perfected recruitment. Our hiring process is speedy, free of paperwork, and compliant with local laws. And we’re not just about the ease of the process. 

We believe in connecting talent with brands they enjoy with companies that value them. We assess and vet every candidate profile before adding it to our database.

We’re online and global, diverse and inclusive, remote and multilingual. Want to find your dream remote customer support team? That’s what we’re here for.

And if all of this sounds like a big brag, it’s not. Here’s who we are, and what we can do for you.

We’re online

Say goodbye to labour-intensive recruitment processes that cost time, money, and resources. We’re 100% digital and use innovative tech to vet and contract our talent. 

We’ve made the remote candidate hiring process quick and easy, filling staffing requests on our platform in less than 1.5 days.

Just post a job, reach qualified candidates, and start hiring.

We’re global

Corococo is a home for talented digital natives from every corner of the world. We have over 10,000 candidates in our database. They’re smart, tech-savvy, pre-assessed, and ready to start meeting your remote customer support needs.

Think global instead of local. 

Why fish in the surf for minnows when you can hook a prize catch from an ocean of talent? When you’re not restricted by geography, a whole world of skilled and educated customer support agents opens up.

We’re multilingual

There are almost 8 billion people in the world. And it’s fair to say most of us find it simpler conversing in our mother tongues. 

Making your support process more user-friendly isn’t rocket science: connect your customers to agents fluent in their first language and avoid communication mishaps.

Our support database is stocked with fluent multilingual support. 25 languages, one simple platform to find them on. We’re flexible on adding more as well.

We’re remote

At Cocoroco we know WFH is the future. 

A recent study by Glassdoor can back this up. Nearly 9 in 10 respondents reported being happier working from home or having a flexiwork option. 

We’ve scaled our tech to take your entire customer service operation remote. All your data is safely and securely stored online. We make remote support easy for your customers, agents, and you. 

Remote work is also the work of choice for millennial talent. ‘Work-from-home’ was in the top three most searched keywords by job seekers post-pandemic. By keeping your employees happy, you’ll have happier customers too.

We’re vetted

We pre-screen all applicants with rigorous tests to make sure you get to pick from fully vetted profiles. This means no time wasted sorting through unqualified candidates.

All listed profiles are detailed enough for you to find the perfect team for your workplace culture. Quickly see assessment scores as well as information like location and experience on each applicant, to narrow down your list. 

Who you choose to hire is completely up to you.

We’re easy-going

Our fully transparent process has zero hidden fees or any upfront costs for you. We charge a fixed fee at the time you confirm a candidate hire, and that’s it.

Leave the hiring agreements and administrivia to us. There’s no messy paperwork or legal hassles for you to worry about. Our recruitment process is compliant with local employment laws and ensures wages are paid fairly and on time.

All you need to focus on is finding the right people for your remote customer service team. We’ll handle everything else.


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