product updates

Phone number validation is live!

We noticed issues regarding phone number input, like missing a digit or not having your country code. So we’ve streamlined things to ensure everybody can input their phone numbers by introducing phone number validation.

We changed the phone number field to include a drop-down list of country codes and introduced an alert to notify you if you’ve missed a digit or input too many.

Phone number validation is active and applies to all newly registered companies and candidates. Additionally, pre-registered companies and candidates can now use it when they update their profiles.

We're ramping up email notifications to keep you in the loop

We want to keep everyone in the loop. As a result, we’ve implemented notification emails to ensure you never miss a top job opportunity once posted. 

Candidate Activation

Because you can only apply for a job if you’ve completed your assessments, we’ll send you weekly reminders to take them. 

We have some exciting job opportunities coming up, so getting your assessments out of the way will make the application process much faster.

Assessments are straightforward and will take only a little while to complete. We’ll update you on the assessment process soon, so you can see how easy it is!

New Job Notifications

As well as candidate activation, we’ve also implemented new job notifications

If a company posts a job fitting your language(s), we’ll send an email notifying you of the open position. Please note that if you’ve yet to complete your assessments, you’ll have to take them first. So we recommend getting those out of the way ASAP.

Improved Email Preferences

All emails now include unsubscribe links. These links will take you to your email preferences page, where you can turn job alerts on or off.

You can now view top jobs on the home page

Our Cocoroco candidates get to work with some great companies. So, we figured, why not show everyone the jobs we have? 

You can now view some of the most recently posted jobs on the home page. You’ll see a rolling list of companies that are hiring — even if you don’t have an account!

As well as the available positions, you’ll see how many applicants each job has and how many views. If any jobs interest you and you don’t yet have an account, simply register to view more.

Give it a try