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Everything you needed to know about the legal process and payrolling.


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onboarding & hiring

Maintain 100% control of management, no matter how many candidates you hire.

Your company will legally manage any Cocoroco agents you onboard. Once hired, they are 100% part of your customer service team. We handle the contracting and payment processes — so you don’t have to.

payrolling & payments

You decide your agents’ gross salaries; we do the paperwork.

While you decide on your agents’ gross salaries, we take care of the payrolling ensuring each is paid fairly and on time — wherever they live.

you hire the agents;
we pay them


Calculate the total bill rate for any language requirements on a handy in-platform calculator.

For each job you create, you’ll fill out job criteria where you can specify the languages in which you’re looking for support. Our calculator gives you a recommended range in euros adherent to local laws in the agents’ location. Plus, a fixed monthly fee for our staffing provider.

Although you decide how much you pay your hired agents, agents can also negotiate the final amount.

legal relationships

How business relationships work within Cocoroco.

While three entities are involved in the hiring process, the relationships between each are straightforward by design.

Powered by Deel

Our partner Deel fast-tracks global payrolling for companies around the world. As the market leader in international payroll and compliance, they allow you — via us — to hire internationally.

Deel has helped thousands of companies pay their international workforces in local currencies through their preferred payment methods — all compliantly.

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