frequently asked questions

How much does Cocoroco cost?
Registering on Cocoroco and posting jobs has no up-front costs. You only pay when you hire at a cost-effective monthly fee.
What if I want to hire agents for a temporary period?
You can hire customer service agents from Cocoroco for as long as you need, whether two weeks or two months. Our Burst, Flexible, and Core solutions ensure you can find suitable hires when needed.
I want an agent to start working ASAP. Is that possible?
Our platform is full of ready-to-interview candidates who have passed multiple SHL assessments and are ready to hire. Most candidates can start immediately.
What can I expect from Cocoroco's agents?
All agents visible on the Cocoroco platform are assessed and available to interview. With Cocoroco, you gain access to a global talent marketplace of highly-skilled, native-level customer service agents. We ensure you can hire these agents, regardless of where they are in the world. As our agents will be part of your team, you, as a company, decide whom you want to hire and what you want to pay.
Why do I need a marketplace to find skilled customer service agents?
Recruitment takes up a lot of time you could be spending on other aspects of your business. Access to a talent marketplace gives you quick access to international hires available across time zones, and native-level language experts who can help your customers around the world.
How do you assess candidates?
We ensure all candidates take SHL assessments. SHL offers engaging, science-backed assessments evaluating customer service skills, language abilities, contact centre simulations, and more.
How do you find skilled customer support agents?
Our parent company, 5CA, has 16+ years of experience providing remote customer service. As a result, we have access to a massive network of global talent and the channels to attract the best candidates to Cocoroco. We thoroughly assess each candidate on the platform to make sure they match your desired customer service competencies.
Is Cocoroco just another outsourcing company?
Cocoroco is not an outsourcing business. We’re a talent marketplace where companies can connect with customer service talent from across the world. We help make those connections happen.
What does Cocoroco do?
Cocoroco matches worldwide customer service talent to jobs and opportunities best suited to them. It also helps companies find assessed, native-level customer service agents that best suit their brand.