19 August
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How remote hiring customer support can help you focus on your business

Everyone is talking about remote work, but there’s more to it than not wearing pants. Going remote means you get more time to focus on your business.
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For the past year, we’ve been throwing the word “remote” around a lot. Whether linked to work, Zoom, or even “You’re on mute!” remote work is now a fixture of our everyday lives.

But for many of us, remote work has been our life for a while.

Some of us work from home and get to spend more time with our families. Others get to work from the beach in a tropical country, margarita in hand.

Obviously, it has its difficulties. Nothing’s perfect, after all. Even that margarita, even on that beach.

But more people working remotely means it’s now a beacon for recruitment. And it’s lighting the way to a future where you get stuff done.

Remote workers are an asset

Media used to focus on how remote work benefits workers. The thing is, it benefits recruiters and businesses just as much—to a degree that even Forbes is catching on.

It’s proven it’ll save you moneyyour team will be more productive, and — if done right — you can uphold employee engagement. All of which benefit you by benefiting your team.

But does it really pay to work with a remote team rather than in-house? When it comes to customer support: absolutely. The world is more connected than ever. We talk to people a world away, buy from them, game with them; even watch movies with them. It makes sense to work with them too.

A global pool of global talent

Back in the old days, recruiters used to cast their net across a town or city for potential talent. Similarly, prospects would have to move closer if they wanted their dream job. That just isn’t the case anymore.

High-speed internet, cloud storage, and coworking platforms have rendered this unnecessary. Now, you can work with a multicultural and multilingual team super easily. Not only does this expand the horizon of possibilities, but this global workforce is also able to bring that little bit extra.

I mean, multilingual talent isn’t hard to find if you can source it directly. Having people from all over the world can add so much to your business. And this is especially true when it comes to customer service solutions. Something that takes up way too much time if you let it.

Customers being able to speak to people in their own language means they’re better able to understand issues and solutions. So, they automatically get better customer support than if they had to speak to people in English.

With satisfied customers, you as recruiters have to spend way less time worrying about that. Consequently, you get way more time to focus on what matters: your business.

Hiring remote customer support helps you focus on your business

Running a business is hard, man. We get it. And we’re not just talking about getting it off the ground, but building and growing it, too. It takes a lot of time, energy, and brainpower to make it work.

The thing is about having a team of people who know what they’re doing is you can trust them. While they’re doing their jobs, you can do yours, without worrying about theirs. A lot of customer satisfaction comes from the support they’re given. It’s why customer experience is a thing in the first place.

In knowing your customers are being taken care of, the floor is yours to think about business matters. Like strategies, data, results. You become a well-oiled machine without hurdles to stall on—and who doesn’t want to keep moving?

In business, don’t sweat the small stuff

As anybody who played with Meccano as a kid will back up, seeing things working as they should is a powerful feeling. More so when you’re the engineer at the helm. Businesses aren’t much different.

Every cog needs to work optimally at the same time for the best solution. Stretching yourself too thin just means fewer moving parts. You need experts to condense and simplify things, making it easier for all parties.

Nobody likes pressure. But we’re all under a strange assumption that having a business means you need to feel it when that isn’t true. In fact, the less pressure, the better you’ll feel about everything.

Hiring customer support can really help you stop sweating the small stuff.

With Cocoroco, we want to help you find the best people for your team so you don’t have to.


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