25 October
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How Cocoroco can scale your customer support fast

Customer service spikes require quick thinking to counter. Find out how Cocoroco can help you scale up your team in just a few days.

Customer service spikes require quick thinking to counter. Find out how Cocoroco can help you scale up your team in just a few days.

You might be wondering, “what does this Cocoroco think they can tell me about customer support?” We don’t blame you.

As the new kids on the recruitment block, we have a lot to prove. But we’ve been in this biz longer than you might think.

Who is Cocoroco?

Team Cocoroco has been in customer service for years.

We’ve seen what it can do: for companies and candidates. And we know it’s about more than answering calls and filing tickets. It’s about connection and unity. That’s what makes a great customer experience.

Our roots are with 5CA, leaders in work-from-home customer support. Their extensive experience in the field stretches back 20 years, working with renowned names in gaming and beyond.

They’ve also been promoting the work-from-home lifestyle since long before the pandemic.

As a result, their agents have a proven history of ramping up support when clients need it. And Cocoroco has access to their tens-of-thousands-strong talent pool.

Why do we do what we do?

There’s currently an urgent need for solid customer support staff.

Finding the right talent for support teams has never been so important. But where many recruiters focus solely on the company side of things, we also look out for our talent.

Finding the right company to work for is a big deal. People who enjoy their jobs are happier and more productive. This means combining the right candidate with the right company equals excellent results.

Good recruitment benefits everyone.

How does remote talent benefit you?

Everyone should have the opportunity to do fun work.

We want companies to realize there’s talent in the most unexpected places. Maybe even on the other side of the globe. In the age of the internet, geography is no longer a limitation. And you get a multilingual workforce to boot.

For top customer service, that’s imperative.

Similarly, a hybrid and flexible working environment gives local employees a better work-life balance. In turn, they’re happier and better at their jobs.

How can we help you scale up fast?

As children of 5CA, we’ve had front-row seats to business-saving ramp-ups in gaming and beyond.

As a result, we know what works: multilingual talent, offering opportunities to those who value them most, investing in existing talent, and not just allowing a WFH life but doubling down on it.

In seeing the world as our talent pool, we have a near-bottomless resource of people eager to work and excel at what they do.

There are plenty of reasons it’s hard to hire good customer support reps. And since a good team is the first port of call in scaling up, you need a partner who can make that happen.

Cough, cough. 😉

Cocoroco works for you

We started Cocoroco because we care about recruitment.

We care about our companies and candidates and want to help both find the right fit. We care about humans, the world, and helping people help others.

There’s no magic formula to what we do. We just assembled the best of the best in customer support for you to choose from. Talent that scales with you.


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