27 May
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The pocket dictionary of remote customer service

All the remote customer service metrics, definitions, acronyms, and commonly used terms in an easy-to-read glossary.
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Remote customer service has its own special lingo.

You could be a master of the industry or a greenhorn agent still learning the ropes and still have no clue what some abbreviations mean.

If you’re in customer service, you should be able to speak remote customer service terminology like a native.

And that’s what this glossary of terms is for: making sure you’re never at a loss for the right words.

Cocoroco’s Pocket Customer Service Dictionary

Ever wanted to know your KPIs from your AHTs and QAs? Well, you’re in the right place. 😊


Customer service representative who interacts directly with the customer


Average Handle Time: a measure of how quickly a customer issue is resolved


After Call Work: a report on what occurred during a customer interaction


Unresolved customer requests waiting in a queue due to a volume surge


An issue unsolvable by the support team, requiring technical resolution


Customer Relationship Management: the system for customer interactions


Customer Service: the assistance provided by a business to its customers


Customer Satisfaction: a metric of how high customers rate your service


Customer Self-service: tools that help customers resolve issues on their own


Call to Action: any image or text promoting a response from customers


Customer Experience: all interactions between a business and its customers


When a system is in maintenance mode or experiencing a lull


First Call Resolution: solving a customer issue in the first contact itself


Interactive Voice Response: automated phone menu interacting with callers


Knowledge Base: a self-service resource with answers to common questions


Key Performance Indicator: a metric tracking various performance objectives


A ready-scripted response to a common question or routine query


Net Promoter Score: how likely customers are to promote your business


The introduction and familiarisation process of a system, service, or tool


Quality Assurance: a process to monitor and maintain a support standard


Skills-based Routing: assigns customers to agents with relevant skills


Service Level Agreement: outlines performance targets for support teams

Support ticket

A document containing all the information on a customer issue. Support tickets can be:

  • Open: When the service team has to reply to a customer
  • Pending reply: When your service team requires a response from the customer
  • Pending solve: An answered ticket that auto-closes in some time
  • On Hold: An unsolved issue escalated for further investigation
  • Solved: When the customer has a resolution and the ticket is closed
  • Closed: An inactive ticket that can’t be replied to on the system

Ticket Routing

The daily process by which support agents are assigned tickets to handle

Tiered support

Organising service agents into teams that will handle specific ticket types


Voice over internet protocol allows customers to call over the internet


Word of mouth is any free promotion through customer recommendation

The language of HEART

Hear, Empathise, Apologise, Respond, and, Thank.

Arguably the most important acronym in remote customer service. You may not find it in any dictionary, but you’ll encounter it in practice.

Keep ❤️ in mind when you handle any customer inquiry, and you’ll be able to provide the best service anyone could need.

And if this glossary helps you collaborate better and keep communication crystal-clear within your team, our work here is done.


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