18 November
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5 benefits of hiring multilingual talent

If you’re stuck in the hiring process, why not look for talent further afield? There's a whole world of talent out there.
international multilingual talent

Over our time in the industry, we’ve gathered extensive experience with international employees.

Almost all of it has made us wonder something:

Just why aren’t more companies looking for talent outside their normal comfort zones?

Look beyond your doorstep

As a business, customer service is hard to navigate.

It can feel like an almost impossible task to find people who are not only good at what they do but who actually enjoy the work.

Recruiting is hard. We get it.

But searching for new talent is easier when you open yourself up to the world.

Benefits of multinational talent

With advancements in remote work, it’s possible to hire from anywhere. Hiring multinational talent comes with plenty of benefits.  Let’s look at some of the best.

1. Multilingual support

Did you know that 36% of companies report having less than 1 in 10 multilingual employees?

Studies estimate that between 60-75% of the world is at least bilingual. You have a solid chance of acquiring extra language skills when you fish outside your borders.

Multilingualism is one of the cornerstones of Cocoroco.

We’ve always believed that native speakers make customers feel more comfortable.

When someone speaks your language, you’re much more inclined to confidently share issues, inject a little humour into the exchange, and be satisfied with the responses you receive.

Still not convinced? Garner and CSA Research confirms that going multilingual boosts growth.

2. Cultural sensitivity 

Many companies neglect cultural awareness without realizing it.

This could mean you’re missing important social cues, leading to miscommunication and customer dissatisfaction.

Be culturally open. See other viewpoints and understand different walks of life. It’s good for the soul and very good for business.

3. Local knowledge

Hiring multinational talent means gaining access to local expertise.

If you want to reach other parts of the globe, people who live in those countries can provide valuable insights your competitors won’t have.

For every successful business, local knowledge matters.

4. Diversity and inclusion

Diversity is not just a hot topic: it’s a moral necessity and a key recruitment factor.

Once upon a time, the hiring process was homogeneous.

These days, hiring diverse talent is essential in giving you a cosmopolitan workforce with a global outlook.

For customer support, we’d argue that it’s essential.

Hire a diverse, inclusive team for a more innovative and engaged workforce.

5. Experience and education

Educated and experienced individuals are everywhere.

They aren’t bound to metropolitan cities, western countries, or well-connected commuter networks.

The world is full of highly educated, hard-working people eager to connect with forward-thinking brands offering good rates of pay.

Broaden your search for candidates and you won’t miss out.

The world is full of talent

Thanks to remote work, we have full access to it.


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