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Cocoroco Secure Workplace Solutions

Since Cocoroco candidates use their own devices to access company systems and data, we've designed two packaged workspace solutions to ensure transnational InfoSec and GDPR compliance.

Powered by Azure Virtual Desktop, our standardised, secure workspace solutions cover the various InfoSec policies companies may have in place. These tiered solutions, CRM Conditional and Virtual Workspace, aim to resolve any

Screen applicants faster with filters


We've introduced applicant filters to the platform to make quick hiring even easier than before. You can now filter applicants at the click of a button.

Filters include star rating, experience, and your favourited candidates to speed up the screening process and get your customer service up and running in no time.

Bulk Select & Decline

Instead of screening applicants one by one, you can bulk-select the candidates you don't want and decline them all at once.

Highlight Applicants

You can now see how many new applicants you have for each job on the job list. The applicant overview page also highlights new applicants, so you don't miss out on potential new hires.

Master your budget when creating jobs

You can now input your budget each time you create a job. Doing so will help you check if your budget meets the needs of your required job skill or language requirements.

Additionally, the platform will highlight all candidates asking for more than your budget on the application page, so you can filter, bulk decline, or adjust your budget accordingly.

See recommended rates for your required languages

Budgeting is a big issue for companies of all sizes. That's why we developed a rate calculator to get an idea of the typical bill you'll receive — even before registering on the platform or creating a job.

Our rate calculator allows you to fill in the working hours you require, languages, and locations (optional) for the jobs you're looking to fill. Once you've inputted your requirements, you'll receive a monthly bill rate range to see whether our rates are within your budget.

  • Only hiring locations are included in the country field, so we can ensure you get accurate information on what we offer.
  • You can currently only select one language per calculation.

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