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How to improve your CSAT score in customer service

Is ‘never say no to a customer’ enough to boost your customer satisfaction score as an agent? Or is there more to it?
how to improve your csat score

If you’re a service agent, your customer satisfaction (CSAT) score can make you. It measures how happy customers are with your support.

CSAT is determined by the unique quality of service you alone can bring to the job. High CSAT scores can influence how a customer views a brand, which will make for happy bosses.

But how do you calculate CSAT, and how can you improve such an arbitrary figure?

How is CSAT calculated?

Companies usually send customers automatic surveys at the end of a customer service interaction. These surveys are what calculate CSAT and typically feature questions like: ‘How satisfied are you with the product?’ or, ‘How would you rate the support you received?’

Customers can rate answers, usually between 1 and 5.

All the points are then added up and divided by the total number of ratings, resulting in your average CSAT score. You could see it as a percentage (e.g., 90%) or a number (e.g., 4.5.)

The company you work for will set an expected minimum CSAT score but don’t be afraid of measuring up. After all, the power to influence a customers’ satisfaction is in your hands.

Standard agent activity for higher CSAT

There are things you always have to do when handling any customer. These form the routine activity that forms the backbone of customer service.

Your daily support should look like this:

✔️ Acknowledge the customer’s issues

Rephrasing or summarising their issues back to them is an ideal way to let them know you’re on the same page.

✔️ Apologise for their inconvenience

Show empathy for the discomfort they’re facing. Be sincere. Customers can tell genuine warmth from fake posturing.

✔️ Reassure the customer

Affirmative language is perfect reassurance. Say something like, ‘I’m going to get this sorted for you,’ or ‘I’ll get this investigated straight away.’

✔️ Ask thorough questions

An incorrect solution is worse than having none. If you can’t solve an issue, find a workaround, throw in freebies, and offer a refund.

Do what it takes to please the customer.

✔️ Never get into an argument

Even if you disagree with a customer about something, your job is to comfort, support, and resolve. Not to compete for who’s right.

✔️ Have a positive attitude

Focus on being solutions-oriented. Saying ‘Here’s what I can do for you’ instead of ‘I can’t do that’ always sounds more helpful.

✔️ Value their time

Be prompt when handling an issue. A quick resolution is also the way to a happy customer.

How to be a rockstar agent

To get a 5-star CSAT score, you have to go above and beyond your job. For a standing ovation, your performance has to be exceptional. But how can you make sure it is?

✔️ Ditch scripted responses

Scripted responses make you sound like a bot, and bots don’t get 5-star ratings. Talk like a human and be authentic. People like talking to people.

✔️ Use emotional intelligence

Be sensitive to customer moods. Know when to change your tone, language, and reactions so you can respond in the best way.

✔️ Treat every customer with care

Give 100% of your attention at all times. No complaint is too trivial, and no customer is more important than another.

✔️ Be professional, always

Some customers might come in angry and rant at you. Don’t let their mood affect how you handle the situation, and help them calm down.

✔️ Be open to feedback

When it comes to dissatisfied customers, listen to what they’re saying. Take their advice, no matter how they give it to you. Learning from your mistakes is the best way to grow.

✔️ Ask for advice

If unsure about something, consult a more experienced colleague. Taking ownership of an issue means being able to ask for help at the right time.

✔️ Provide exceptional service

Make goodwill gestures, go all in to resolve issues, and care about what they’re sharing with you. Make their day.

Remember, it’s the unexpected kindness that always wins our hearts.

The magic of a high CSAT score

Getting a consistently outstanding CSAT shows you’ve developed your diplomatic, empathetic, and problem-solving skills.

Your CSAT score is a marker of your ability to take control of situations, however difficult they are, and your ability to manage difficult people.

It means you know how to get to the happily-ever-after ending.

High CSAT scores indicate that you’ve learnt important professional and interpersonal skills that will serve you well for the rest of your life.

The wonderful thing about helping others is that you end up helping yourself.

Why did I get a low rating when I did my best?

While you should always provide the best service to customers, you might still get a lower rating. Don’t be discouraged by such ratings, nor think they’re a reflection of your abilities.

Sometimes low CSAT scores are unavoidable.

When an issue is unresolvable, a customer might not differentiate you from your company that can’t provide one. Sometimes, people have just had a frustrating day, and their mood influenced a lower rating.

Keep doing your best, and don’t let the one-offs get you down.


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