04 November
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How Cocoroco works for candidates

As a customer service candidate, you might be wondering how Cocoroco works for you. Here’s everything you need to know.
Cocoroco customer support agent

We know what you’re thinking: ‘What makes Cocoroco different from all the other recruiters?’

Well, it isn’t in the way we take our coffee, or in what we binge-watch on Netflix: it’s in how our platform works for you.

A lot of recruitment sites focus almost solely on the employer. But, if your customer service team isn’t happy, the support they provide won’t be happy either.

That’s why we focus so much on our candidates’ well-being. The confidence we have in what we do comes from knowing what you can do. 

What’s in it for me?

Let’s be real. Traditional bricks-and-mortar contact centers don’t offer a lot. Maybe you get a desk or a headset. If you’re lucky, ergonomic wrist support and a new mousepad.

We want things to be different.

We want to give candidates more freedom, more respect, and, reasons to enjoy what they do.

Limitless opportunities

Instead of being restricted by opportunities in your domestic job market, we’ve made the whole world your job market. Decent CX jobs are few and far between, especially if you don’t happen to live in a big city or a western country.

With Cocoroco, you can apply for jobs that match your wants and needs, anywhere in the world, on a super easy-to-use platform.

Work from wherever

2020 accelerated the move to remote work. But thanks to our parent company, 5CA, it was nothing new to us. In our eyes, the work-from-home lifestyle has the power to revolutionize work as we know it. 

We give you the freedom to shape your own work environment.

You can use your own set-up, space, even work from a beachside cabana if you want to. (As long as you have your laptop and a reliable internet connection, it can be your workplace. 😉) 

Exciting companies

There are some exciting companies out there looking for talent (that’s you). With Cocoroco, you’ll get to work for those companies and for brands you love. 

Compliant pay

We place a lot of emphasis on ethics, so compliance is a vital aspect of our approach to hiring.

We’re not fond of the gig economy or flexible jobs. We require all companies to offer contracts and to work with a global payroll company to ensure that you’re paid in accordance with local markets.

Basically, you’re in good hands.

How does Cocoroco work?

We did our best to ensure that the Cocoroco platform is intuitive and easy to use. Why complicate things? All you have to do is sign up.

Creating an account

Registration is straightforward. To sign up for Cocoroco:

  1. Enter your email
  2. Create a password
  3. Accept the user agreement and privacy policy
  4. Verify your email address

Create your profile

Once you’re ready to get the Cocoroco show on the road, you’ll need to fill out a profile. 

This includes: 

  • Your full name
  • City and country
  • Languages you’re confident communicating in
  • Confirm you’re aged 18+

You can edit your profile at any time. To change any greyed-out fields just contact administrator@cocoroco.com.


While you can browse jobs right away, you’ll need to complete a few assessments before you can apply for vacancies. This is so your applications have more impact.

It means companies can see your strengths and skills when you’re applying. 

We want your applications to have a personal touch, so we cover personality, as well as reasoning, typing, and the English language. 

If you’re multilingual, you’ll need to take a proficiency assessment for every language specified on your profile. For example, if you’re comfortable providing customer support in Spanish and French, we’ll assess your Spanish and French proficiency. 

To begin the assessments, click ‘Complete assessment’ on your profile page.

Applying for jobs

Applying for jobs should be easy. We’ve made sure our platform makes it simple.

Once you’ve completed your profile and assessments, you can browse all available jobs and apply for any you think you’re a good fit for.

When applying, you’ll be able to add an extra personal touch by sharing your motivations and any relevant work experience. You can also withdraw an application at any time.

Connecting with companies

We’ve made sure that connecting with companies is as simple as everything else.

You start the conversation with your application. If a company is interested, they’ll send you a message.

You can access these messages on the application pages, and we’ll also send you an email to make sure you don’t miss anything. All we ask is that you keep all correspondence within the Cocoroco platform.

(It’s easier for all of us that way.)

If that works for you…

We started Cocoroco to make recruiting easier. Not just for companies, but also for candidates. Recruitment usually falls heavily on the side of the recruiter: not anymore. Not if we can help it. 

We work for you, too.


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