05 May
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5 customer service job myths that simply aren’t true

Fact: you can build a legitimate career in customer service. But why are there so many myths around customer support jobs?
customer service job myths

Good customer service is something we rely on and take for granted.

Businesses that don’t satisfy consumer needs with quality customer support risk losing them to more competent competitors.

As the expert link between a business and its customers, customer service offers you dynamic career opportunities and professional growth.

(You’ll also develop important soft skills that carry well into other jobs and roles.)

It’s time to bust the myths around working in the customer support industry. And who better to do it with than us?

1. Customer service is a dying industry


There was a time when customer service was an unappreciated department in a company, but this is no longer the case.

These days, customer support is vital for business growth, and hiring is robust across the customer service industry.

The modern world is a very active marketplace, and every one of us is a customer.

Shopping malls outnumber high schools, and some reports indicate we’re consuming twice as many goods today as 50 years ago.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the employment of support reps to grow by 10% by 2024. Faster than the average for all other occupations.

2. Professional qualifications don’t matter


While many incorrectly consider customer service an entry-level job, companies don’t view potential hires that way.

In today’s competitive business environment, customer service is a company’s opportunity to answer customer needs, making service professionals vital to growth.

If you’re a qualified service professional, companies will view you as more skilled in understanding their service values and goals.

Furthermore, your higher educational qualifications may determine if you get the job.

3. You won’t develop any career skills


Unlike the archaic view of customer support would have you believe, it isn’t a job where you get yelled at by customers and learn nothing.

Working in customer service allows you to develop plenty of skills to carry forward to any future career. 

You’ll develop abilities like creative problem-solving, schedule management, digital versatility, communication skills, diplomatic and interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, and leadership qualities.

As a reliable frontline professional, you’ll learn to wear many hats. 

Businesses rely on service reps to build customer satisfaction and increase retention, so your job is rich with learning opportunities, growth, and references.

4. You can’t grow in a customer service career


Though unfairly viewed as a routine job with no career expansion, the truth is customer service experience offers dynamic growth opportunities.

You can grow in plenty of ways, within and outside the department.

With customer service experience, you’re in the unique position of understanding the client and product best.

You can advance as a people manager and lead a team of support agents or become a technical consultant for the product you’ve been servicing. You can even specialise in quality and assurance training for other agents.

Outside the department, you can grow your career within the company. You can use your customer experience to move into the marketing or sales department or product management using your specialised product experience.

There’s no limit to what you can do or where you can go in a customer service career.

5. Customer service doesn’t matter


Customer service is a lot more than what people think of at first. As a working support agent, your job is crucial in many ways.

You’re the expert customers turn to for help and advice, and the expert companies turn to for customer insights, help retain loyalty, and deliver customer satisfaction.

We love customer service

We set up Cocoroco because we believe in quality customer service and job opportunities for everyone. 

We connect talented service reps with companies who value their skills and make it all come together so everyone can thrive.

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