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The Cocoroco payroll

Build your customised customer support team by hiring worldwide, no entity required, with our trusted Cocoroco payroll solution.

cocoroco payroll

So, how does it all work?

Payroll made easy

Once you’ve hired candidates, you get access to Cocoroco Payroll: a service we offer that helps you manage and employ your remote team, hassle-free.

Our third-party payroll provider handles contracts and invoicing through us to ensure your business keeps running smoothly.

We take care of the payrolling process, so you don’t have to contact multiple entities.

customer support talent

on demand

Locally compliant hiring

Compliance is a massive part of working together for a better world. Our ethical approach puts people front and centre.

We help you offer fair, market-competitive salaries that are fully compliant with individual country laws, with no loopholes.

While we provide recommended rates for each job you list, you have the final say on how much you’ll offer chosen candidates.

“We take payrolling and make it manageable.”

Assembled for your peace of mind

No need to sweat the small stuff anymore.

You focus on selecting the right candidates for your jobs, we’ll take care of pesky paperwork and HR operations.

Cocoroco works like a well-oiled central machine bringing your company, our payroll provider, and potential candidates together.

We take the more complicated aspects of payrolling and make them manageable.

cocoroco payroll

A trusted Employer of Record solution

Our payroll solution is powered by a global staffing provider ensuring we provide compliant hiring according to local laws and regulations.

The staffing provider ensures we can offer compliant pay and also follow through on it.

They also help take care of HR matters and payments and give candidates access to the tools they need.

How it works

  • Step 1: The staffing provider shares the Employment Agreement with the Candidate
  • Step 2: The staffing provider sends the payroll terms to you, the company
  • Step 3: You, the company, signs the Payroll Terms
  • Step 4: Candidate signs the Employment Agreement
  • Step 5: Employment begins
  • Step 6: You and the candidate submit monthly timesheets via Cocoroco
  • Step 7: Monthly invoicing (total Bill Rate) should be filed 10 days before the pay date


Cocoroco offers

agents on demand
Vetted multilingual
Motivated remote candidates
Hassle-free recruitment & payrolling

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