How going remote with your CX will help you grow
In a world of Silicon Valley startups, growth is hard. But taking your customer experience remote could be the answer to your problems.
19 August
4 min read

Growth is challenging for budding brands. It always has been. Even before the world was thrust into a two-year crisis.

As an expanding business, you might feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle. Not only do you need to support your customer base, but your employees, too.

In 2021, the challenges of operating at scale have been at the forefront of leaders’ minds.

Challenges like: How do you grow without compromising on the quality of your service? How can you source necessary skills when customer service talent is harder to find than ever?

Hiring remotely can answer the customer service shortage problem while enabling you to maintain a high-quality service.

Customer experience is key

For many businesses, the past two years have tested customer relationships to breaking point.

According to Gartner, businesses earn customer loyalty by providing value. 82% said they’d stay with a service after having a valuable interaction. On the other hand, after a low-effort resolution, only 61% said they’d stick around.

Even though the problem was fixed in both instances, customers placed a premium on the quality of interactions. This shows that, by anticipating their needs and validating their decisions, customers are more likely to stay loyal.

But how do you find the staff you need in order to provide that valuable support?

Talent is out there

Talented, educated customer support agents are out there. They exist. However, you’re probably not looking in the right places.

We’re in a time where remote work is the norm.

A time in which more people are discovering the joys of working from home. As a result, if local talent is in short supply, all you need do is widen your net.

Expanding your talent pool is key to ensuring business growth.

While many businesses went remote as a result of the pandemic, they still continued to search locally for hires. Consequently, it was hard for them to find the people they were looking for.

That’s understandable.

Sourcing high-quality employees

Not many companies know how to source high-quality employees internationally. They also don’t know the ins and outs of necessary admin.

Things like signing documents, ensuring compliance with local employment laws, paperwork, invoices — all that menial stuff.

That’s why we decided to step in: connecting companies with talented remote workers all over the world.

At Cocoroco, we know that remote work is the future. Crucially, we also know how to make it a quick and hassle-free process for you, too.

We want to help you clear the growth hurdles that your competitors are facing. And attract and retain the right talent when doing so.

Attract talent to support expansion

Most people want to work from home in the post-pandemic marketplace. Or, at least have the option to work flexibly. They also want to know that they’re cared for and respected.

Providing an open and warm remote space for potential workers can help you attract and hold onto talent. Be it by word of mouth, comments online, or a passing Instagram ad, your reputation will be solid.

Research from the University of Michigan shows that compassionate, empathetic leadership can create better employee resilience in challenging periods.

And what’s more challenging for a business than trying to sustain rapid growth?

A human-first approach to hiring

We connect with and nurture talent. We care for our valued pool of customer service agents in the same way that we care for our clients.

It’s one of our biggest strengths.

People who feel cared for and enthusiastic will have a positive impact on your business through the customer experience they provide.

A recipe for growth

Remote CX paired with worldwide talent is the best recipe for growth. And like all good recipes, we can give it to you step by step.

To engage your customers and grow your business, you should:

  • Find great talent, wherever it happens to be located
  • Treat your employees with kindness and respect
  • Provide your customers with valuable social interactions
  • Hire the right people to keep your team happily engaged

With those ingredients, you have a recipe for success.