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What are the benefits of working from home?

Working from home full time is something we believe everyone should have the chance to do. Isn’t it time you received the benefits?

benefits working from home

The sun is setting on the traditional 9-5 office workweek, leaving the floor open to the newest experience: remote work.

Work from wherever you want

Having a job from home means not reporting to a single physical location. It means you can work from anywhere — especially in remote customer support.

Imagine not having to curse at rush hour traffic, shelling out $$$ to refill your car, or squeezing onto a packed metro to get to work.

Instead, you can work from just about anywhere you’d rather be. Be it your favourite restaurant, co-working space, or your bed. 😎

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Work from abroad

Remote work lets you take your job with you when you travel. All you need is a laptop and a reliable internet connection.

Pick an Airbnb over the ocean in sunlit Bali, Indonesia, or a tent below the Northern Lights in Svalbard, Norway.

“With a remote job, you can live and work anywhere.”

Why remote working is so convenient

Remote working can work for anyone but is even better if you are:

  • Done working in brick-and-mortar offices and want to save time, energy, and money
  • Moving to a new country and would like financial independence after moving there
  • Studying abroad or at university and need to support yourself while getting your degree
  • A digital nomad, redrawing the world’s boundaries to suit your travel-hungry heart, but need to pay bills like everyone else
benefits working from home

Why working from home is here to stay

Remote work is not a pandemic trend that will die out over time. Thanks to its many benefits, remote working is here to stay.

At Cocoroco, we harness these benefits by:

  • Offering ethical employment contracts in full compliance with local laws
  • Ensuring your wages are paid compliantly through a secure payment provider
  • Allowing you to work for big brands and international companies
  • Enhancing your professional growth through communication and interpersonal skills

What you need to begin remote working

All you need to work remotely is:

  • A phone
  • A laptop or desktop computer
  • A high-quality mic and headphones
  • A stable internet connection
  • Any other technical equipment required by your employer

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What does remote work mean?

Remote work means a company contractually employs you, but you can do your work anywhere.

Can I work from any place I want?

Yes. With a secure payment provider and legal compliance, companies that offer remote work allow you to work from anywhere you want. All you need is a good data connection.

Please note that if you find employment via Cocoroco, your contract will require you to stay in one place for a min. of six months. You can read more about the legal stuff here.

Can I decide at which time of the day I work?

Depending on the company you are working for, you’ll likely have a set schedule. As this includes answering support requests, this is likely to be fixed.

Who keeps track of what I am doing/how many hours I make?

The company you are working for keeps track of your working hours.

Is there a manager I have contact with?

The company you are working for is your day-to-day manager and supervisor.

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